How We Do It


NOVO utilizes Sentinel as its paperless accounting and project management system. Sentinel is a propriety web-based platform developed in-house at NOVO to meet the specific needs of fast-paced tenant-improvement projects. By interfacing directly with Box, PlanGrid, and Docusign it allows project information to be cloud-based and available to team members at any time.\\

All subcontractor, vendor, and material invoices are tracked in electronic format for processing and approval. Invoices are entered through Timberscan and populated daily providing up-to-the-minute invoicing and billing information to the project management team.

RFIs and submittals are also all processed through able to access Sentinel through a private portal giving them live project updates via a project dashboard. This will indicate any open items on the project and highlight specifically any open items that are awaiting their response.

BIM Image


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is both a tool and an innovative project delivery process. It captures the intricate details of the construction process and forecasts them into a 3-D space that brings the project to life for both the client and design teams. BIM provides NOVO with the tools for a complete and fully-coordinated drawings set.

PlanGrid Image


With Plangrid’s mobile technology, NOVO team members can synchronize markups, plans, and other project documents from the field via an iPad.